Twink Gay Bedroom Orgy

October 28th, 2014

Four cute young guys rolling around naked, sucking dick, rimming ass and bareback fucking in the bed. These big cock boys are full of cum, and before this hot gay sex orgy is over with, its going to end up all over each other, and the sheets. This is the stuff wet dreams are made of.



Davey Fucks Amando

October 23rd, 2014

Armando Torres and Davey Anthony are horny and ready to fuck. But first these sexy college boys are going to warm up with some hot ass rimming and cock sucking.

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Chris Fucks Justin King

October 18th, 2014

Justin King notices Chris Daniels on the sofa, clearly playing with his semi. Chris jumps up and starts kissing and undressing the hairy man. Cocks come out and Justin goes down on Chris’s big uncut cock. Chris then kneels down and gives Justin head, before finger fucking and rimming his hairy ass. Fingers are soon get replaced with cock. Justin enjoys getting fucked on his back but after getting fucked deep, Chris takes him from the back. They lay next to each other to stroke themselves off and eat each other’s warm cum.

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Tyler Reed Barebacks Dylan Saunders

October 13th, 2014

Dylan Saunders is a power bottom who can get fucked bareback for hours and still ask for more. He meets Tyler Reed in the gym and he feeds his fat cock to Dylan, first in his mouth and then ramming it straight into his ass. Dylan loves every inch demanding more, so Tyler eventually moves the action into the steam room where he plows Saunders in multiple positions. He pushes the bottom to the floor and nails his ass until he blows his load onto his stomach. Tyler then strokes his cock and shoots a healthy load of warm cum on his muscular chest.

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Spit Roasting Riccardo

October 8th, 2014

The two horny pigs Fred Faurtin and Clark Houston catch Riccardo Saffado doing a provocative solo dance. Immediately they get him sucking on their big dicks. His mouth works as hard as it can on the two boners. Clark goes to work on Riccardo’s hole while Riccardo keeps deepthroating Fred’s hard dick. Riccardo is impaled by Clark, while his mouth is still gagging on Fred’s big cock. He jerks his own dick, while Fred takes a turn with his ass, until eventually a fountain of cum explodes from each.

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Ayden Troy Fucks Ronan

October 3rd, 2014

In this gay 4 pay fuck scene, Ayden Troy is back, and this time he shows Ronan Kennedy what its like to take a hard cock up his virgin straight boy ass. He’s a gentle at first, but gets more rough as Ronan starts getting into it.

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Straight Trey Beats Off

September 28th, 2014

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Trey is a 20 year old straight boy, who loves it when a girl to plays with his ass. Stripped to his black underwear and harness, it looks hot on his muscular chest. Trey has a great body and a fine ass. Watching some str8 gang bang porn, Trey gets his cock hard. Then he lies back and slides a finger up his ass for added stimulation. Stroking, as he pushes in his finger further, Trey’s cock twitches in response to the pleasure. He takes time out to admire his engorged cock and whacks it against his leg. Girls must love that thick piece of meat. Trey moans, lies back and gets himself close. He shoots all over his stomach and groin.

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Cutler X Fucks Draven Torres

September 23rd, 2014

When Draven Torres saw the mammoth cock on Cutler he was not only blown away but he knew he was in for one of the best fucks he’s ever had. Cutler and his extraordinary sized dick puts yet another eager talented bottom to the test. Cutler’s black meat is serviced by Draven’s talented tongue. He works over Cutler’s foreskin with ease and expertise, getting him rock hard and ready to fuck. Draven’s hungry ass is bent over and rimmed, getting that hole prepped for the anal invasion that will soon follow. Cutler slides deep into Draven’s bare butt and fills his ass. Draven screams yet yearns for each thrust to be harder and deeper. Cutler has once again met his sexual match in what is an astounding offering of pure raw sweaty sex at its best.

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The Flip Fuck Interview

September 18th, 2014

Tyler Hill knows he’s is in for a tough casting call as soon as the Kyle Ross walks through the door and starts laying it on the new boy with his inane smart ass questions. But things take a turn in Tyler’s favor when he strips down to reveal his hard chiseled body and delicious tight butt. Now that he has Kyle’s attention, the interview progresses and Tyler gets top marks for a jaw dropping bareback flip fuck that leaves Kyle drenched in cum and begging for more. Kyle ends the interview smiling in satisfaction.

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Bennet Fucks Johnny Rapid

September 13th, 2014

Meet Bennet Anthony, a hot redhead , who is new to gay porn. Johnny Rapid is more than happy to bend over and take Bennett’s hard cock in his tight hole.

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Jake Orion Beats Off

September 8th, 2014


Jake has dark hair, blue eyes, a tight ripped body, and a sexy bubble butt. This muscular young man also enjoys a nice big cock. He lays out in the sun, by the pool, and lets the rays hit his chiseled abs and pecs. He pulls out his monster cock, before bending over and show off his hairy hole. Jake slides a finger in, which really gets him turned on. He decides to end it all by shooting his warm cum right into his own mouth. This boy knows how to put on a hot jack off show.



Rolls Royce Ghost Fuck

September 3rd, 2014

Seth Knight is at work detailing cars. No one is around, so he decides to jack off in the back seat of a customers Rolls. Then he gets caught by Sam Barclay, who is angry at first, but then decides what the hell. He gets in the back seat with Seth and goes down on his cock. Soon both are giving each other blow jobs. They make their way out to the front grill of the car, kissing and stripping out of their work clothes. Sam bends Seth over the hood and sticks his long tongue up his cute little ass, getting it ready for a good fucking. Keeping him bent over, he pushes his thick cock in. Seth grabs onto the grill for stability and takes every inch of Sam again and again. Seth pushes back and presses his face into the long nose of the car. Moving back into the roomy rear interior Sam takes Seth missionary style and they cum all over Seth’s tight stomach

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Kayden Gray Fucks Alexx Desley

August 29th, 2014

This is an intense and passionate scene, as tattooed and pierced Alexx Delsey gets his jaw and ass stretched by Kayden Gray’s 9 inch monster cock. Starting off with kissing and nipple play, they get a good feel of each others tight ripped bodies as they play with their growing bulges. Pulling off their underwear, Alexx drops to his knees to get a mouthful full and takes his time sucking and getting face fucked. Kayden then sucks Alexx for a bit, whose dick is pierced, and manages to swallow it right to the base. Moving to the sofa, Kayden sits back to get his massive dick sucked some more. After some seriously hot oral action, Alexx is on his back and Kayden gives his hole a real good rimming. Eager to fuck, Kayden has Alexx on his side and fucks him from behind, slow and deep, clearly stretching his hole to the max. Next, Kayden fucks Alexx against the sofa, this time harder, giving him a real strong pounding. Not quite done yet, Alexx is on his back for a final intense fucking, with Kayden building it up until Alexx can’t hold back and shoots his cum out over himself. Then Kayden moves round, just in time to squirt a huge load all over his face and tongue. He then pushes his dick back into his mouth to swallow every last drop.

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Dance Floor Fuck

August 24th, 2014

James Dixon is checking out the dark corners of the club for fresh meat, and spots Jonny Kingdom in the toilet and follows him out to the dance floor. Both guys know what they want, and that they are about to get it. The only question is who will make the first move. Never one to waste time, James shows off his best asset by unzipping his pants and shoving his bulge into Jonny’s face. As they sit across from one another, stroking their big cocks, Jonny is beckoned over to suck on James’ waiting dick. Jonny gets on all fours and James fingers and rims his ass, in preparation for the fucking that’s to follow. Working his entire shaft in and out of Jonny, it’s a long slow fuck, from tip to hilt. His ass wraps around the thick meat, as Jonny’s muscular body tenses and sweats throughout. Wanting more dick inside, Jonny takes control and bounces on top of James, taking all there is to offer. It’s exactly what he wants as James shoots soon after, covering Jonny’s face and chest with warm cum.

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Bryce Corbin Beats Off

August 19th, 2014

This handsome young straight guy is back to stroke out his cum for us. Bryce Corbin teases with the bulge in his shorts and then reveals his stiff cock. Leaning back and showing off his virgin ass, he jacks slow and easy, stroking from balls to head, until his warm cum is erupting out over his tight naked body. Check out the satisfied smirk at the end, which tells us he enjoyed pleasuring himself.

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Using Young Olly Tayler

August 14th, 2014

Picking up boys like Olly Tayler is easy, and they always have a cum load ready to be released. A taste of hard cock is all it takes to get Rugby playing jock Olly in the mood to cum, and although he’s not used to sitting on big cocks in the back of a moving vehicle, he’s clearly having fun. That is, of course, up until they cum all over him and dump him at the roadside.

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Troy Eros Fucks Carter Bentley

August 9th, 2014

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Aggressively going after one another, Troy Eros and Carter Bentley ditch their tops and heat up the place. Undressing Carter, Troy works that big cock, first with his hand, then with his mouth. Working it hard, Troy has no problem fucking Carter, as the table tries to keep together. In various positions, these two are hot, and not an inch is wasted from either one. Troy pulls out and cums all over Cater’s face. Cater then lies back jerking and blows.

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Cock Sucking Euro Boys

August 4th, 2014

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Sexy boys Aleksandr and Alexandr hook up for some hot oral action. Enjoy as these boys suck dick and cum on each other.

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Abusing Dan Broughton

July 30th, 2014

Ashton Bradley has a new plaything, and he’s gorgeous. Dan Broughton is already naked and restrained, when Ashton blindfolds him and immediately gets to work, oiling up his body and paying a lot of attention to his ticklish feet. The exploration of the tanned new boy continues with a pin wheel, more caressing, and finally some severe stroking that has Dan spewing his warm cum over himself. He thinks he’s done, but the shock of hot wax on his cock makes him writhe with anguish.

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