Riku Fucks Nobu

July 25th, 2014

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Both of these Japanese boys enjoy the sensual touch of a man. Long, lingering kisses with full on fondling, has both Riku and Nobu up and hard even before they undress one another. So sensitive are Riku’s nipples, that Nobu can’t help but spend some time licking them. Nobu is enthralled with sucking Riku’s dick. Then it’s the top’s turn and he pushes Riku’s face into his crotch. The pair intertwine their bodies, while sucking on each other’s hard cock. Nobu then lubes up Riku’s hole and finger fucks his bottom. Taking the bottom boy from behind, Nobu pants softly as he fucks Riku’s ass. Flipping to his back, Riku opens himself up fully to allow Nobu total access. Riku blows his load and a huge pool of cum lands on his smooth stomach. Pulling out, Riku strokes until he too unloads on his bottom’s belly.

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Alfie Fucks Pedro Lucas

July 20th, 2014

In this hot fuck scene, Alfie Stone and Pedro Lucas are getting down and dirty with each other. Pedro, the Latino looking bottom boy, looks sexy in red socks and jockstrap. The tattooed top sports an amazing thick dick, especially when Pedro is throat-deep on it. Holding Pedro in place, Alfie fucks him hard and balls deep. Pinned down and ass in the air, its a pure muscle fest as Alfie flexes and thrusts into that ass. After these muscular men fuck like demons and shoot like shotguns they’re exhausted and fully satisfied.

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Scott Andrews Beats Off

July 15th, 2014

Scott is 22 years old and lives in Miami, Florida. He’s a newcomer to porn, making his solo debut for us here. Enjoy as this sexy boy jacks off for our gay porn loving enjoyment.

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Dan Broughton Fucks Adam Watson

July 10th, 2014

Dan Broughton and Adam Watson waste no time getting familiar with each other. The chemistry is definitely there, proven by the way they get sucking on each others throbbing dicks after a long kissing session. Then Dan slides his cock into Adam and gives him a good fucking. Of course, it has him cumming hard all over himself, and Dan is soon follows.

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Str8 Daniel Fucks Lyle

July 5th, 2014

Daniel Johnson’s girlfriend heads out for the day and although straight as they come, he immediately texts bottom boy Lyle Boyce to come service his huge dick. There’s nothing like a bit of variety to keep things interesting, whether it’s a pussy or a man’s ass. Laying back and letting blond youngster Lyle do all the work is just what Dan wants. Ready for more action, Lyle is then pushed face first into the bed and Dan’s hard cock is shoved into his ass. Spinning him around and working his hips faster, he fucks his boy harder than he can his girl. His toned body gets tighter, as he thrusts himself deep, while Lyle pumps his own big dick, until Dan shoots his load, leaving Lyle to finish himself.

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Khan Fucks Makoto

June 29th, 2014

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It doesn’t take long for Khan to put Makoto on his back, with his legs over his head. Tenderly, the top lubes up his partner’s hole. He slides in two fingers, and then three. Then he slides his hard cock in and starts fucking. On all fours, Makoto tugs at himself while Khan thrusts from behind. Watching these boys’ bodies as they fuck is amazing, their bodies tense and release in unison. Khan rolls Makoto back onto his own lap and pounds from below. Together, they jack off and fondle each other. A very sexy smile and giggle is shared between the two, before they cum. Khan shoots a huge load that splashes up on Makoto’s torso. With a bit more tugging, Makoto follows with his own.

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Adam Barebacks Travis

June 24th, 2014

In this hot bareback scene, Adam Russo paires up with Travis Saint. Beefy bottom boy Travis resisted for a while but finally gave in to Adam’s way, sucking his daddy meat and giving up his big beefy ass. Adam slides his cock in that Latin ass and goes deep and hard.

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Billy Beats Off

June 19th, 2014

Sexy straight boy Billy da Kidd is hanging out and blowing bubbles, before putting on a sexy show. He wiggles his toes and shows off his soles, then grabs his hard cock and strokes himself, until the cum is splashing out and making a warm sticky mess.

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Jay and Rogan Office Fuck

June 14th, 2014

When Rogan Richards catches Jay Roberts stroking his big dick at the office, things get hot. Rogan strips naked and turns Jay’s fantasy into a hot reality.

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Twink Bareback Sex Orgy

June 9th, 2014

An hour after they had sex Simon Clay and Pierre are horny again. They roll Dimitry over and arouse him with a welcome blowjob, sharing his dick between them. Soon, Dimitry is sucking Pierre. A frenzy of dick sucking ensues as the three trades off, tasting one another. Soon, Dimitry and Pierre are in a 69 position with Pierre sucking his cock while Simon rims his ass. Simon and Pierre both work their tongues inside Dimitry’s tight hole and get him ready for a bareback fuck. The three take turns tag-teaming each other, until they each shoot their loads.

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Str8 Buds Beat Off

June 4th, 2014

Boredom is the only thing straight boys Billy and his buddy Duke need as an excuse to get their cocks out for some stroking. The guys are hanging out over at Duke’s place when their need to cum takes over and they get to work on themselves, stroking their boners and shooting their heavy nuts.

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Ryker Madison Fucks Sage Porter

May 30th, 2014

Ryker Madison and Sage Porter live life in the fast lane, where a little road head can turn an afternoon cruise into an adrenaline pumping fuck fest. By the time the boys hightail it home, the ride goes into overdrive with their libidos firing on all cylinders. After crashing down the hallway, Ryker finally takes control, fucking Sage’s young ass every which way he knows how. The revved up twink joy ride cums to a fantastic finish with both boys exploding in euphoria.

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Self Sucking Derick

May 25th, 2014

Watch Derrick Manx go down balls deep on his cock while plugging his ass, then finishing by eating his explosive cum shot off his face.

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Marc Angelo Fucks Steve Ellis

May 20th, 2014

Marc Angelo swallows Steve Ellis’s cock like a meat lollipop. Then he bends over so Steve can get his hole loosened up, before plugging away at his meaty ass, while bent over a pool table. Steve’s hole needs loving too, and Marc is eager to top Big Red. Steve gets comfortable in the sling and Marc bangs away at his ass, thrusting deep while Steve strokes his raging hard-on. Marc strokes a load of warm sperm all over Steve’s face, while Steve shoots, putting a nice creamy coating all over his hairy belly.

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Sky James Pounds Josh Jared

May 15th, 2014

In this scene, Sky James and Josh Jared get frisky on the sofa, kissing and groping each other. Both get nice solid boners under their jogging pants. They pull them down, giving us a view of those hardons bulging inside their underwear. Pulling out each other’s cocks, they take turns sucking each other. Josh struggles to swallow the length of Sky’s thick eight incher, but has a good try and gets his mouth fucked in the process. After plenty of great oral action, Sky gives Josh’s hole a good rimming, then gets ready to fuck him. First he fucks Josh against the sofa, then he sits back to let Josh ride it for a bit, before griping his ass to thrust into him hard and fast. For a final position, Josh is on his back, playing with his stiff cock as Sky fucks him, delivering a real pounding, until Josh sprays his cum all over himself. Sky moves around to give Josh a warm facial, as he pumps out his seed all over Josh’s face and into his mouth.

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Bruce Jordan Barebacks Christian Matthews

May 10th, 2014

Christian Matthews has been begging for Bruce Jordan’s raw, uncut cock in his hole, and he gets his wish. Bruce fucks him hard, as Christian howles for more and gets it big, skin-on-skin, leaving Christian’s hole dripping with cum.

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Taking a Big Dick

May 5th, 2014

When faced with a monster cock there are two things that you can do. One is run screaming from the room, and the other is to take that giant meat and shove as much of it as you can into your mouth. Then, when its good and ready, take it deep in your ass. These two twinks go for the second option and its hot.

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Cum Eating Twink

April 30th, 2014

Young Shane wants a taste of cum, but he’s all alone. So, he takes things into his own hand and licks his fingers clean.

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Haigen Sence Fucks Vance Crawford

April 25th, 2014

Haigen Sence needs some bro time, because of problems with his girlfriend. At first he rejects Vance Crawford’s advances, but submits when Vance makes the that point: maybe the problem is women. Further proof is provided when Haigen gets off pounding the fuck out of Vance’s ass.

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