Bruno Fox Fucks Lyle Boyce

March 16th, 2017

Lyle Boyce goes of to the local museum to wander around some old masters. We see him later walking out with Spanish god Bruno Fox. He has met Bruno in the gallery and invited him back to his place to check out the art he has on display. All 8 inches of it. Lyle gets savaged by Bruno, in front of some impressive paintings, and that concludes a roller coaster weekend of sex from start to finish.

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Straight Boy CJ Gets Blowjob

March 10th, 2017

Straight boy CJ is dressed in his Marine uniform, all decorated with merit badges and awards. Vinnie unzips his pants, pulls out his cock and goes down on it. Once naked, CJ lets Vinnie suck and stroke his rock hard meat, until he releases a gushing cum load.

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Latin Twinks Angel and Bernard Fuck

March 4th, 2017

Angel has picked up another cute Latin boy and quickly goes to work on his big uncut cock. Then Bernard services Angel, who can’t wait to get that big dick up his skinny little ass. We are treated to some great views of him getting fucked, as the two go at it in several positions, much to Angel’s delight. The Latin twinks end this sexy romp by stroking out their warm cum loads.

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Adrian Knutts Beats Off

February 26th, 2017

Adrian Knutts strips naked and works the remote control as he strokes his dick to the porn video that’s playing. He sticks a finger up his ass for added stimulation, as he jerks off with determination. Past the point of no return, he shoots a big load of warm cum onto his chest, skate board and face.

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Lobo Fucks Rapper Bareback

February 21st, 2017

This sexy young Latino is versatile, but prefers to bottom for guys that are macho. So, Rapper has hooked up with muscular and hairy Lobo and its obvious the connection works well. Once these two get naked, Rapper goes right for his man’s big uncut dick and gives him a long and deep blowjob. With his man rock hard and ready, Rapper gives up his ass and Lobo takes him from behind. The two fuck bareback all over that bed and we enjoy good close-ups of the anal penetration. For an added bonus, Lobo sucks the boy’s dick and shoves a big dildo up his ass.

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Young Latinos Florian and Evan Bareback

February 14th, 2017

Evan finds Florian taking a break and nursing his sore feet. He sits next to him and soon Florian is grabbing his package and making it clear he would like to play. He pulls his big uncut dick out and tells Evan to suck it. After giving Florian head, Evan enjoys a blow job from his friend. With both Latin boys rock hard, and pants around their ankles, Florian makes it clear he wants to fuck Evan. Soon Evan is bent over and taking that big dick up his ass raw. After giving Evan a good long barebacking, Florian cums on his ass. Then he gets on his knees and lets Evan shoot a load into his mouth.

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Young Danny and Roman Fuck

February 8th, 2017

Passionate lust was never more evident than with these two young studs. One might even assume there’s love in the air, as the two slowly caress their way to a naked entanglement that is so steamy even the windows are fogging up. An oral exchange heightens the mood for a long slow fuck that has both guys moaning with pleasure. Nearing climax they hold each other and watch while one cum load follows the other in a release that says this was the best sex ever.

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Daddy Andres Barebacks Twink Alejo

February 2nd, 2017

Latin twink Alejo returns to find his daddy in the kitchen. After a bit of how was your day chat, Andres makes it clear he would like to play with the boy. It doesn’t take him long to get Alejo stripped down for a bit of ass rimming. Then Alejo gives his daddy a blow job to get his dick hard. Stiff and horny, Andres slides in raw and fucks his boy, while bent over the kitchen counter. Then, with legs in the air, Alejo takes another round of barebacking from his hairy top. On his knees, the young bottom opens his mouth to receive a gushing cum load that drips off his chin.

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Big Dick Lucas Stroking Monster Cock

January 27th, 2017

Obviously this big dick boy doesn’t spend much time cleaning his room, but that’s probably because he’s so busy jacking off on his webcam all the time. In this one he’s all dressed up in black pants and shirt, with a red tie. It doesn’t take long, for Latin twink Lucas Prescott to strip naked and release the beast for another hot jerk off show.

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Muscular Ty Fucks Young Michael

January 21st, 2017

Young Michael is hanging out with Ty and its obvious he wants the buff and very masculine guy to fuck his skinny ass. He snuggles up to Ty, making his desires known and pretty soon Michael funds himself naked and in the arms of his man. An oral exchange is followed by a some ass rimming, before Ty slides his big dick into Michael and fucks him. Muscular Ty delivers exactly what little Michael wanted and by the time its over there’s fresh cum dripping off his lips.

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Joe Bond Beats His Meat

January 15th, 2017

Twenty year old Joe Bond is an interesting character, with a sex drive so high his uncut dick is rock hard during the interview. He works his foreskin back and forth then spits into his hand and rubs it in. Joe strokes slow, then harder and faster before standing up. He works his foreskin nice and slow again, giving us some great close up shots before turning around to show us a perfectly smooth toned ass. He squeezes his butt cheeks, then tenses, showing what a tight pert butt he has before returning to jerking off. With legs wide apart, Joe jerks off harder and faster than before. His breathing gets quick and loud and then, suddenly, he shoots all over his tight abs.

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Str8 Jared Fucks Str8 Oliver

January 9th, 2017

Gay 4 pay Oliver Saxon and Jared get together for some dick sucking and when these hot guys are done with the foreplay, Oliver has his ass filled with Jared’s hard cock.

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